Initial Assessment

$150 - 60 Minutes

During your initial assessment we will meet to discuss and establish your nutrition goals. We will review your health history, previous diet history and current eating and lifestyle habits. We will identify any barriers that you experience to healthy eating and ways to overcome them. I will provide you with detailed recommendations to help you reach your nutrition goals.

*Also available via Skype or Facetime

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Follow Up

$75 - 30 minutes

Follow up appointments are a great opportunity to build upon your existing plan. We can revisit or revise your nutrition goals based on your needs.

*Also available via Skype or Facetime

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3 Month Package


This plan includes one 60 minute initial assessment and 9 follow ups (20 minutes each) for a total of 10 sessions to be booked over a 3 month time frame. You will receive personalized goals, as well as develop strategies to improve your eating habits.

This package provides the accountability and ongoing support that will help you reach your nutrition goals and change your current habits into lasting behaviors.

*Also available via Skype or Facetime


If you’d like to customize a package for yourself, contact me and we can figure out what will work best for you!